Jenn Alynn-Perri

Live life the way you want. Call Jenn to get there.

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About Jenn Alynn-Perri

Jenn's favorite thing in the world is helping people get what they need to live life the way they want. That often entails introducing people who can help each other out and tracking down reliable sources of good information. Jenn does her best to respect all people, regardless of age, race, national origin, religion, ethnicity, veteran status, disability, sexual orientation, or gender identity.

You want to sell a house. Or buy a house. Or sell one house and buy another. In any case, you're facing some very big decisions made up of a long list of increasingly complex options. You need an advisor who will either have the answers to your questions or know where to find the answers that you need. You need a Jenn.

Jenn is an expert on the Greater Greenville housing market. She also keeps an active network of experts across a broad spectrum of fields to get her real-estate clients the best advice for each unique question that comes up.

Jenn knows Greenville. She grew up off of Wade Hampton Blvd, just outside the Overbrook District (before it was cool) and now lives in downtown Greenville. Active also as a performing artist and as an actor, Jenn brings ties to the opera, theater, and rock communities that give her a wide reach within the broader Greenville community and beyond.

Jenn parle français. Elle a appris le français à l'université avant de continuer ses études dans l'Ecole Française de Middlebury College, un programme intensif d'immersion.